A breakthrough technology, from a patient’s perspective

Patients are often fearful of periodontal surgery, particularly of how much pain they will experience during recovery. Traditional surgery to regenerate bone lost from periodontal disease can include many stitches, gum recession, and root sensitivity for extended periods of time.  Thanks to new technology, however, you now have a better option!

White and Blansett Periodontics and Dental Implants have introduced the use of a videoscope to perform minimally invasive procedures to regenerate bone lost from periodontal disease.  This V-MIS procedure utilizes very small incisions, often only one stitch, and patients consistently report minimal discomfort.  Best of all, bone regeneration with the videoscope results in predictable bone regeneration without causing gum recession.  Periodontal surgery no longer results in exposed sensitive roots.

Don’t take our word for it though: Listen to one of our patients describe her experience of a recent periodontal surgery utilizing V-MIS technology:

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