Welcome to the Practice of Charles A. White, DDS, MS, MSD

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  • Mission

    As a Periodontist, Dr. White’s primary mission is to create
    healthy gums so our patients
    can keep their teeth.

  • Our Pledge

    Dr. White’s pledge is to provide each patient the best results from periodontal and implant services that training, technology and motivation can provide, delivered with comfort and compassion.

  • Training

    Dr. White received exceptional training in gum grafting and managing oral disease at Baylor College of Dentistry.

Dr. White and his staff are known throughout Northwest Arkansas for the exceptional care provided to their patients. The office offers a friendly and professional staff who will greet you and take the time to provide exceptional personal service.

Dr. White performs all diagnostic and surgical procedures. He uses the latest in computer technology, including digital radiographs and digital photography, to develop an accurate and very detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. A copy of the diagnosis and treatment plan is always provided to our patients and their dental care provider. All patients are invited to meet with Dr. White for no additional fee to discuss their plan.

Dr. White trained with Dr. Terry Rees at the Stomatology Center at Baylor College of Dentistry. He is known for placing very high quality gum grafts. He also provides computer-guided placement of dental implants for many of our implant patients, to make sure implants are placed safely and with precision.

Dr. White utilizes the latest technology to make the services he performs minimally invasive. That technology includes the use of Piezosurgery to allow removal of teeth without trauma, a Waterlase MD laser to reduce discomfort and promote healing, platelet rich plasma to promote healing, and computer-guided placement of dental implants to allow placement with no visible incisions and minimal discomfort.


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