• Patients are often fearful of periodontal surgery, particularly of how much pain they will experience during recovery. Traditional surgery to regenerate bone lost from periodontal disease can include many stitches, gum recession, and root sensitivity for extended periods of time.  Thanks to new technology, however, you now have a better option!

    Listen to one of our patients describe her experience of a recent periodontal surgery utilizing V-MIS technology in this short video:

  • My dentist had told me that I should see a periodontist regarding my severe receding gums.  After visiting with several periodontists, I decided to let Dr. White perform the Alloderm gum graft procedure on my upper and lower gum line. From the first time I walked into Dr. White’s office until the final checkup, my experience and the results were amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes!   I never had pain or bleeding afterwards.  His staff always treated me kindly and I was impressed with their service and professionalism.  The office is spacious and squeaky clean.  I would highly recommend Dr. White for a gum grafting procedure.


  • Dr. White… I just want to say thank you for such an incredible job! My two front teeth and surrounding gums have given me problems ever since I first cracked them in the 6th grade. Over the years, I’ve been to countless dentists and periodontists who have all done their best to restore my smile but none of them could. You really took the time to figure out and correct the real problem. Not only that but your attention to detail is second to none and it shows. I look at my teeth and gums every morning and every night before I go to bed and I’m so thankful for how you’ve helped not only the aesthetics of my smile but my confidence as well. Thank you again for all of your team’s great work.


  • Dr. White… Just a little note to tell you that I referred my best friend to you back in June. You completed grafting on 5, 6 and 11. You did an Amazing Job! It looks great!! Complete coverage….excellent!


    Dr. White… I slept so much better knowing I’m in good hands now.


  • We are extremely grateful to Dr. Charles White and his staff for giving our daughter the gift of a beautiful smile.  His fee was very reasonable and he continued to work on her smile until he thought it was perfect at no extra cost to us.  The entire staff made sure we were always satisfied with the outcome and they were eager for us to call if we had concerns after one of her procedures.  We will forever appreciate the talent and work of Dr. White.  Now when our daughter smiles, we see a happy beautiful young woman thanks to Dr. White.


  • Dr. White is the best!!!


  • Better than what I was expecting.  I am very, very pleased.


I didn’t think lengthening of my teeth would make such a difference.  It really did!