• Dental Hygiene Club of NWA

    The Dental Hygiene Club of Northwest Arkansas met on Tuesday, January 9th. Our guest speaker was Dr. Steven Whitaker, who spoke on the subject of Oral Cancer: The Emergence of HPV. We had a great turnout for the first meeting of 2018, and were treated to pizza by Crest. The Dental Hygiene Club is in its fourth […]

  • Is Your Mouth Trying To Tell You Something?

    We talk a lot about gum health on here, because we’re in the business of keeping your gums healthy. Gum disease is no joke, and unchecked it can wreak havoc on your teeth. But what else are your gums telling you about your health? Healthy gums will be light to medium pink in color, will […]

  • Chronic Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Dental health professionals have long understood the key role that inflammation plays in periodontal health. They recognize similarities between the inflammatory process in periodontal disease and that of other chronic inflammatory diseases. Chronic periodontitis, a leading cause of tooth loss, is also associated with increases in markers of systemic inflammation throughout the body. But new […]

  • Hygiene Study Club

    We held another Hygiene Study Club on November 7th, the last one for the year, and had a great turnout for the meeting. Our speakers for the meeting were Debbie Jines & Sheila Ward, Dental Consultant and Provider Representative with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • 2017 Fall Symposium

    On October 27th our office hosted another educational Fall Symposium at the Doubletree Hotel in Bentonville. We had a huge turnout of dental professionals from area dental offices attending the event, each receiving continuing education credits for their participation.  Dr. Brent Ludens, a prosthodontist from Waterloo, IA, was the guest speaker, and presented “Optimal Implant Esthetics – […]

  • Estrogen Therapy Can Lead To Healthier Gums

    Many women take estrogen therapy for relief of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis, but new research shows that the treatment may also lower their risk of gum disease.  Menopausal symptoms, caused by lower levels of estrogen, and osteoporosis, caused by aging, menopause, and lack of Vitamin D and calcium, are often treated with estrogen therapy. Now a new study […]

  • Dental plaque DNA reveals details about Neanderthals

    When we talk about dental plaque, we don’t like to think about how long it sticks around if we don’t remove it. But evidently, it stays put for a long time. In March of 2017 an international team of researchers, led by the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) and Dental School, with the University […]

  • Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet May Help Save Your Teeth

    When the human body encounters stress, infection, germs, injury, or toxins, it responds by activating proteins meant to protect cells and tissues.  In a healthy body, the inflammation caused by this process serves to heal the body. But if the immune system starts to overreact, that inflammation can become chronic and lead to serious health […]

  • The Uncomfortable Truths About Sugar

    You may be surprised to learn that dental disease is the most common chronic non-infectious disease in both industrial and most low income countries. It affects nearly 4 billion people, and although largely preventable, still remains a prevalent public health concern. And by far the most important dietary factor in the development of poor oral health […]

  • Women vs. Men: The Results Are In

    It looks like women are winning in the oral health category. A research study published in the Journal of Periodontology reveals that women are better overall in maintaining their oral health. They are almost twice as likely to visit the dentist during the year, and on following up on treatment needed. In addition, women fared better in […]