Cosmetic Dentistry

In dentistry we talk a lot about cosmetics. “ Building the foundation for beautiful smiles” is our office motto. Cosmetic dentistry is a large part of my practice, and includes procedures to cover gum recession beautifully.

Cosmetic dentistry also includes removal of excess tissue to expose teeth.  We call this procedure an Esthetic Crown Lengthening.  A beautiful smile is the result of well-aligned teeth that are fully exposed.  Excess gum tissue can cover part of the anatomy of teeth and result in teeth that appear too short or a smile that exhibits too much gum tissue.   Esthetic crown lengthening is performed to remove excess gum tissue to create a gumline at the correct position and expose the full anatomy of teeth. It is a simple procedure that takes about one hour.

More than any other cosmetic procedure I perform, patients see and appreciate the immediate esthetic boost.  Anyone with concerns about short teeth or excessive display of gums should have an evaluation to see if an esthetic crown lengthening could help provide that beautiful smile.   Check out before and after pictures of some of our cases of esthetic crown lengthening here:  Schedule a free consultation online on the same page, or call us at 479-631-6074.