Computer Guided Dental Implants

State-of-the-art tooth replacement


Dental implants are the state of the art way of replacing teeth.  Implants are titanium screw-like fixtures that replace teeth with permanent restorations (crowns and bridges) or support removable appliances.  Implants stimulate surrounding bone and prevent loss of jawbone over time, helping preserve a youthful facial appearance.  Implants don’t get decay and have a longer life expectancy than teeth supported with bridges.

The use of Computerized Tomography (CT Scans) combined with specialized Simplant computer software provide a huge advancement in implant dentistry. Simplant software allows Dr. White to evaluate each potential implant site on a computer to ensure that the site is ready for implant placement. If a potential implant site does not have adequate bone, a treatment plan can be developed by Dr. White to regenerate bone.

Computer guided placement of dental implants provides maximum safety to avoid nerves, sinuses and other vital structures and maximum accuracy in implant placement within the bone. Best of all, computer guided placement ensures that each implant will be in the best possible position to support a crown, bridge or removable appliance. Charles A. White Periodontics and Dental Implants has been placing computer guided dental implants since 2005, and has found this process to be minimally invasive and extremely beneficial to our patients. View the videos below to see examples of computer guided placement of dental implants to support dentures:

Fixed Detachable Implant

  • Charles A. White Periodontics and Dental Implants has evaluated and treated problem implants for over 20 years, making them keenly aware of problems that need to be avoided.
  • Dr. White provides safe and accurate placement of dental implants using cone beam imaging and computer generated surgical guides.  This protects nerves and makes sure the implants are placed in the ideal positions to support crowns or dentures.
  • Dr. White is trained to use cone beam imaging to turn complete dentures into implant supported appliances that are very stable and can be easily maintained.
  • Dr. White provides implant maintenance that includes the most advanced laser technology to clean pockets around implants and keep them healthy.

Minimally-Invasive PeriodonticsWhat Exactly Does That Mean?

Click here to download the Dental Implant aftercare instructions.