Gum Grafting

Free Gingival Grafts require a palatal harvest and are used when a large amount of gum tissue regeneration is needed. 

Gum recession exposes roots to damage from abrasion and erosion.  If the gumline lacks adequate attached gum tissue, recession can progress and eventually lead to bone loss and even tooth loss.  Gum grafting creates a stable zone of attached gum tissue and protects roots from damage.  Gum grafting can be performed using either tissue from the palate or tissue donated from a tissue bank.  Grafts using palatal tissue are called Free Gingival Grafts or Connective Tissue Grafts.

Free gingival grafts are placed on the surface and create a larger zone of attached gum tissue (gingiva).  Free gingival grafts are placed only in areas not of esthetic concern that need a larger volume of gum regeneration, usually the anterior region of the lower jaw.

A second procedure can be performed to reposition free gingival grafts in order to obtain root coverage. These grafts are not performed in areas requiring ideal esthetics. Read more about cosmetic grafting on the Root Coverage Grafting page.

Gum grafts. What should you expect? Dr. White’s career as a Periodontist has coincided with the development of new grafting techniques. Dr. White has training from Dr. Pat Allen, a recognized leader in the field of root coverage grafting, and utilize their training to make every grafting case the best it can be. Each patient receives a customized grafting treatment plan. Each grafting plan is considered a project and the project is not done until the optimum results are obtained.

Our philosophy for grafting is simple:

  • Every gum graft must provide a stable zone of gum tissue to keep the gumline non-mobile and healthy and prevent future recession
  • Every gum graft should provide as much root coverage as possible
  • In the esthetic zone, every gum graft must look natural

  • Dr. White has over 30 years of experience in grafting, by far the most in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Dr. White trained at Baylor College of Dentistry with leaders in the development of root coverage grafting.
  • Utilizing his vast experience in grafting with both palatal donor tissue and AlloDerm grafting material, you can trust Dr. White to develop a custom treatment plan to obtain the best results possible with the least amount of trauma.
  • Our practice utilizes biologic products, including platelet rich plasma and Emdogain to enhance grafting results.
  • Patients are charged one fee for completion of the grafting project. Any revisions that might be needed are gladly performed for no additional cost to the patient.

Click here to download the Gum Grafting aftercare instructions.