Postoperative Meal Planning

It is important to eat properly following a periodontal surgical procedure, but it doesn’t have to be boring!  Read some general guidelines below (and then explore our favorite recipes):

  • Eat foods that are cool or at room temperature for the first two days.   Hot foods may cause bleeding.
  • Chew food with teeth in unoperated areas, if possible.  If you can’t avoid chewing with teeth near operated sites, maintain a full liquid diet until instructed to graduate to a soft diet.  Examples of a full liquid diet would include pudding, jello, clear soup, cream soup, yogurt, ice cream, milk shakes, juices and Ensure.  If your procedure was limited to one side of the mouth, begin a soft diet immediately after the procedure chewing with the unoperated side.
  • Following Laser Pocket Therapy, begin a soft diet after 2 days healing.

The recipes listed in this BLOG are considered appropriate for a soft diet.  Enjoy!