The Magic of Gum Grafting

Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that approximately half of American adults over age 30 have some form of periodontal disease, and it’s even more prevalent in those age 65 and older. Gum disease can lead to recession of the gingiva (gum tissue), which can expose roots to damage from abrasion and erosion. If the gumline lacks adequate attached gum tissue, recession can progress and eventually lead to bone loss and even tooth loss.

Obviously, gingival recession can have serious repercussions on your oral health, but it has also become apparent in the last decade that periodontal disease may have an impact on the rest of the body as well. Systemic conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes are associated with this form of periodontitis. So if you’ve got gum recession, you may be asking “What do I do now?”

Good news: You might be able to grow it back!

Gum grafting creates a stable zone of attached gum tissue and protects roots from damage. And now, thanks to scientific advances, periodontal tissues can be regenerated. In other words, you may can grow those tissues back. Rather than simply repairing the tissue after periodontal disease has occurred, AlloDerm grafts (donated from a tissue bank) function as a lining under the gums that generates fibrous connective tissue as the graft heals. By combining the grafts with biologics, such as Platelet Rich Plasma and Emdogain, new gum tissue that blends with adjacent tissue and is very natural looking can be generated. Emdogain has been scientifically proven to promote the predictable regeneration of lost periodontal hard and soft tissue. 

Advances in gum grafting techniques have made it possible to beautifully cover exposed roots of teeth. These advances also confirm that we can reduce inflammation, a main cause of periodontal tissue loss, and that we can now actually regrow some of the periodontal tissues. 

Gum grafts: What should you expect?

Dr. White’s career as a Periodontist has coincided with the development of new grafting techniques. Dr. Blansett received outstanding training in gum grafting from Baylor College of Dentistry.  Both Dr. White and Dr. Blansett have training from Dr. Pat Allen, a recognized leader in the field of root coverage grafting, and utilize their training to make every grafting case the best it can be. Each patient receives a customized grafting treatment plan. Each grafting plan is considered a project, and the project is not done until the optimum results are obtained.

Dr. White and Dr. Blansett have over 30 years of experience in grafting, by far the most in Northwest Arkansas. Call us today at 479-631-6074 to schedule a consultation.

For more information about Root Coverage Grafting, CLICK HERE to visit the website of the American Academy of Periodontology.