The results are in!

We are excited to share with you some of the first short and long-term results on patients treated at our office with the “Videoscope Assisted Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgical Technique” (V-MIS).  We can truly say this is a revolutionary new technology, and the post-operative results are like nothing we have routinely seen before.

For those that may not be aware of this new technology, a videoscope (video microscope) is used to view bony defects through very small incisions, and is capable of displaying images at 60x magnification in real-time HD video.  Results are in from two patients who had their entire mouth treated with VMIS.  Both patients had chronic severe generalized periodontal disease, mobility of multiple teeth, and were seriously considering full mouth extraction with implant supported prosthetics.  We are excited to say that they now have healthy pocket depths in all treated sites with no clinically significant recession, and both reported minimal discomfort in the post-op course.  In fact, both patients are now pursuing orthodontic therapy to correct spacing and aesthetic issues.

The technology is truly game-changing and allows us to predictably treat periodontally-involved teeth that in most cases would without question be extracted.  We are the third private practice in the country currently using this technique!

In 2015 we look forward to helping our patients save more teeth than was ever possible before, and are relieved we can confidently recommend surgical therapy we know is minimally invasive, predictable, and causes minimal post-operative discomfort or aesthetic changes!  The old phrase periodontists used to jokingly (but truthfully) tell patients, “if you want to keep your teeth longer you will have longer teeth”, is no longer applicable.  We are pleased to say our office is a leader in applying minimally invasive techniques and technology to periodontal surgery!

To read more about V-MIS, click to read an article in Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. For more information about VMIS, contact White and Blansett Periodontics and Dental Implants at 479-631-6074.