Treating diseased dental implants. A new frontier in dental care.

Dental implants, like teeth, develop problems that must be resolved to allow long-term retention.  Dr. Blansett  recently co-authored an article in The Open Dentistry Journal entitled “Detoxification of Implant Surfaces Affected by Peri-Implant Disease: An Overview of Non-surgical Methods”.  This article reviews the literature and demonstrates the complexity of attempting to treat unhealthy dental implants, often without success.

Dr. White and Dr. Blansett have found recent success in treating early stages of bone loss around implants using a Waterlase erbium laser.  Diseased implants with more advanced bone loss have been treated with a prophyjet, combined with bone grafts and a combination of biologics.  We are encouraged and look forward to documenting future treatment outcomes as we explore this new frontier.