Why Choose Computer Guided Implants?

Dental implants are relatively new products that replace missing teeth.  Typically, dental implants enjoy success rates greater than 90%. However, problems can occur, such as lingering pain, numbness, and/or poor aesthetics. Problems can stem from improper implant placement near:

  • the floor of the nose
  • the sinus cavity
  • large nerves
  • roots of adjacent teeth

Computer guided implant placement eliminates the majority of these issues because it allows planning in computer software using a three dimensional model.  This information is used to fabricate a customized surgical guide that takes the guesswork out of implant placement.  All planning is done before the day of surgery, and most surgeries are completed with no incisions and minimal post-operative pain.

From the surgeon’s perspective, computer guided placement limits human error and makes the procedure much less stressful and more predictable.  Both Dr. White and Dr. Blansett have extensive training in guided implant placement.

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